bernieBernie Clites is the local artist and owner of Artistic Sandblasting NW, a division of Crystalwood Homes, Inc.,  (est. in 1988).

Over the years Bernie began mastering the art of custom glass etching and carving; designing and delicately sandblasting anything from mirrors, entry doors, windows, and wine bottles, to custom Christmas ornaments with children’s names etched on them.

Rock engraving was a natural progression, when a former customer asked about engraving a “big” development rock. She often laughs at the fact that as a kid she ran around with “pretty” rocks in her pockets. Today she gets rocks of all shapes and sizes delivered to her for rock engraving, and she goes on site to engrave the ones that don’t come to her.

Bernie engraves (using pressurized abrasive sandblasting) anything from signs to plat entrance rocks to homeowner’s addresses. She works on residential as well as commercial projects, sandblasting designs of all sorts in signs and landscape rocks ranging from boulders to small rocks, bricks and pavers for fundraisers, and customers’ personal patios and water features. She engraves tile, slate and stone for fireplace surrounds, kitchen back splashes and children’s bathrooms. She engraves pet memorial rocks and bricks as well as personal memorial stones. Examples of Bernie’s work are available in the Project Gallery.

Whether the rock engraving projects are large or small, on site or off, Bernie’s longevity in the industry has uniquely positioned her to work on some very rewarding projects. Her custom engraved artwork can be seen in public spaces around the greater Seattle metropolitan region.

Her construction background has been a real asset in being able to work with Architects, Landscape Designers, Landscapers, Brick Masons, Heavy Equipment Operators and Homeowners to make each rock engraving project a custom work of art. No two projects will ever be the same.